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Live Blog – The Final (Part 2)

The Live X Factor Final Blog is running now…

So we’re down to Olly and Joe and you know who I’m rooting for, Underdog Olly! Come on Murs!

Leave your comments on each performance… and don’t forget to let me know what you really think of the judges too – I can’t wait to find out what the ‘surprises’ are that Simon mentioned at the X Factor press conference!

Press F5 to refresh as we go long…
Here’s tonight’s song list…

Twist And Shout 

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey 

Then the Winner’s Single…
Olly and Joe – The Climb

What do you think of the song choices?

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I have to say, they must have A LOT of surprises planned. The finalists are only singing two songs each and tonight’s show is two hours long!

The judges are introduced and bless ’em they scrub up well, but Cheryl looks like she’s wearing Stacey’s dress from last night?

We kick things off with a group performance from the X Factor final 12 and isn’t it nice to see all the old faces, how quickly we forget them. Reality TV is a fickle friend – LOL! Here’s Jedward too! I love Never Forget, great track and a great performance. This is really starting to remind me of the American Idol finals though… the choir, the white outfits, the long long long show… All we need is Randy and Ryan Seacrest and we’re done!

So many great performances last night. The VT runs of Joe and Olly’s efforts and I have to admit, it’s going to be a close call. Personally, I still think that Joe would be better placed on the stage and Olly is the all round entertainer who should win this. It reminds me so much of the Pop Idol final, remember the moment when the world stood still for Will and Gareth as they waited for the result? Will could not believe that he had snatched it. Fingers crossed Olly will get the same feeling tonight, he has the voice, the moves and the personality – no wonder he performed with Robbie, they’re peas in a pod and it’s that personable likeability factor that could swing it.

Not to take anything away from Joe… The guy has a sensational voice and is by far one of the nicest people ever to grace the X Factor stage, I just think he would make a perfect lead in the West end rather than a pop star. He deserves full credit and he proved yesterday that he’s not as wet as I thought (there I said it!)

Time for Olly!
(Vote Murs people!)

He’s chosen to perform Twist and Shout as his favourite song from the series and I just know he’s going to give it both barrels.

LOL! you have to love those wiggly legs… The vocal is genuine and on point, I just hope that the song choice doesn’t backfire on him. The last time he performed this some of the judges didn’t understand the ‘Thriller’ routine mid-song.

Louis is still dancing! "You love music, you’re sexy, you’re a showman and no matter what happens you are gonna have a great career in music."

Cheryl smiles, "I thoroughly enjoyed that performance, you looked like you were in your element!"

Dannii loves that Olly always takes the audience along for the ride and Simon can barely be heard as the crowd chants for Olly. "This is about winning the X Factor and that could have done it for you – You give it everything, you’re likeable, Brilliant!"

Joe’s performing Don’t Stop Believin’ and I’m not surprised, it was one of my faves from the series – a real chance to show off his vocals. I have to say, this boy has become a man before our eyes. I couldn’t believe how young he looked watching the flashback to his first audition. He’s matured vocally and personally.

Louis gushes, "You’ve got everything, you’ve got the voice, you’ve got the attitude… Small boy, big future!"

Danni is overjoyed, "You give it your all and have held on to this with both hands and never let go."

After saying that Joe would go far during his first audition, Simon decides to take the credit for his success (HA!)

Cheryl has tears in her eyes, "the whole nation are behind you, this audience is behind you and I am 100% behind you. The best thing I can say is Don’t Stop Believin’ Joe because you can do this, I know you can."

Mmmm… I’m not a fan of the whole, use the song title in the critique thing Chezza.

Joe thanks everyone for voting, but it’s all a bit sickly sweet when he wishes Olly luck as well. I’m telling you, Simon’s done too many episodes of American Idol! These shows are all merging into one cheesy lovefest – AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!

Special Performances:
That was a cracking treat for X Factor fans everywhere, JLS and Alexandra Burke performing Everybody In Love and Bad Boys. It just goes to show you the talent that this show can produce and it proves that you don’t have to win to be a success.

WOW! Leona Lewis just stopped me typing, such a haunting performance of Stop Crying Your Heart Out. As she sang, highlights of the series were flashed onscreen and I didn’t look once at the flicks – Hypnotic lady. Virtually the whole song was in her lower register, then she took a deep breath and the reprise was right up there… Love the song and have one word for the vocal, amazing!

It’s time for the finalists to sing the winners song and this is the moment when we can make a real comparison.

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I like the song this year, The Climb is catchy.
Even though the song is obviously more Joe’s type of thing, Olly brings it home and he controls his voice throughout so not to shout. I really do love that Will Young style rasp he has, I’ve never heard him sing like this – he’s on fire!

Louis says he likes everything about Olly Murs. Dannii is shocked! "I’ve never heard you sing like that before, where did that come from? It was amazing, you could tell you were nervous but that performance just shows how much you really want this."

Cheryl agrees that she’s never heard Olly sing like that and I have to agree, he gave it his all.

Simon is so proud, "that just goes to prove to all those who said you’re ‘just a bit of a dancer and a bit of a singer’ that you are an amazing singer."

He’s giving Joe a run for his money people…

Simon tells Olly just how proud he is of him and as the finalist watches messages from his family, it all becomes too much. Arrr.. I’ll give you a big hug Olly – pop over to mine. Olly fights back the tears but cannot contain them when Simon himself starts to get emotional.

Joe’s turn…
Mmm? See this is where personality really does count… I thought Joe would raise the roof with the winner’s song as suits his voice far more, but I felt more passion in Olly’s performance and I’m surprised. Great vocal though!

Louis’ made his decision. "I love this song, it’s gonna sell a million copies. I loved Olly’s version but I’m gonna put my head on the block and say you have the edge – I think you have the better voice. "

Cheryl is tearful once more, "I hope you get your dream tonight, you’ve been a pleasure to work with and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you."

Simon is honest in his critique, "that’s the first time I’ve seen your nerves. I thought the start was a little shaky but annoyingly, you were brilliant in the second half. i just can’t call this now."

So who do you think will snatch the title?
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Cheryl chokes back the tears to wish Joe well. "Watching the footage of you reminds me of back when I was going through this and I was a contestant. I’ve lived the dream now and just want you to live it too!"

Does anyone get the feeling that every Cheryl fan on the planet will be voting for Joe after all these tears?

Special Performance coming up…
(Oooh) it’s George Michael!
Hang on, is it just me or is George Michael’s new track a Christmas number? My God now it’s snowing! Is he turning into Cliff Richard, this has to be a joke right? Errr… apparently not.

Dermot O’Leary is drooling and can’t believe he’s introducing none other than Sir Paul McCartney.

Paul performes Baby You Can Drive My Car on guitar (yes we are on first name terms), then the crowd erupt as he hops on his piano and belts out Live And Let Die – I love this song. You’ve still got it Macca!

Simon thanks Paul and says "it doesn’t get better than that. On behalf of all of us, you’re through to the next round." The Beatle takes the joke in good spirits and squeezes the life out of Dermot like a first time auditionee. You just can’t beat that scouse sense of humour.


Who will be your X Factor winner?

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After 10 million votes, the lines are now closed and the winner of X factor 2009 is…


Oh bum, well done to Joe.
Poor Olly…

To give him some credit, the winner’s song was made for Joe and his performance was vocally brilliant – They both deserved to win tonight though. Ever the gent, Olly commends Joe on his effortless vocals and congratulates him. I guess all the tears really worked eh Chezza.

Joe sings us out with The Climb and his voice trembles as he’s overwhelmed and overjoyed – bless.
Do you think the public chose wisely or will Olly do a JLS and be hitting the top of the charts before you know it – hope so.

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Selena Ledgerton
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Live Blog – The Final!

The Live X Factor Final Blog is running now…

Leave your comments on each performance… and don’t forget to let me know what you really think of the judges too – I can’t wait to find out what the ‘surprises’ are that Simon mentioned at the press conference yesterday and see the special guest performances.

Press F5 to refresh as we go long…
Here’s tonight’s song list…

Wonderful World 

Dance With My Father 



Stacey AND Michael Buble
Feeling Good 

Joe AND George Michael
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me 

Olly AND Robbie Williams


Who Wants To Live Forever 

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word 

Fool In Love 

Oooh, so excited. Here come the judges and our finalists!

So who’s do you want to win?
…and who will be up first?

Only two will go on to tomorrow…

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First up is Stacey… Stacey returns to Dagenham with Dannii and is gobsmacked to see thousands waiting to welcome her. Bless, she’s still shy as she takes to the stage in her old school – they love her!

Stacey’s first track, Wonderful World is a credit to her. She woos the crowd with her dulcet tones and hits every note without nerves. It’s smooth and almost hypnotic in places – and she seems far more confident tonight. Go on girl!

Louis says, "people love you, I can’t believe that you don’t know how good you are!"

Cheryl is impressed that Stacey is ‘working it’ under pressure, Simon agrees "now you’re like a calm nervous wreck instead of a nervous wreck and that took me back to your first audition. You totally deserve to be here."

Dannii is like a mother hen and is so proud of Stacey. "This has been the most emotional week ever and I remember your first audition when you walked onstage with little Zac. You have come so far, well done."

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Woohoo! Heeeeeeere’s Olly!

I’m all for the underdog and I have to say, I hope Olly goes through to tomorrow. He’s been such a cheeky chap and has consistently improved. I’m looking forward to his duet with Robbie the most, but let’s see how he goes with his audition song Superstition.

Check out Mr Smooth! He looks the part that’s for sure and is not so heavy on the cheese tonight. You can’t beat a bit of the Olly wiggle can yer? He really got the crowd going and put his own twist on a Stevie classic.

Oooh, he’s just slid between his dancers legs as they shimmy. I hope they’ve got their noonies on under there!

Louis agrees with me that not many can sing a Stevie Wonder song like that. Cheryl thinks that that was a performance you would see at a concert, "you fully deserve to be here!"

Simon gushes, "I said I took a risk on you, but it was the best risk I’ve ever taken in my life. To do a performance like that on the biggest night of your life…" The crowd go wild!

Olly is chuffed to bits with the judges comments, he can barely contain himself. He reveals that he nearly slipped as he stepped on stage and the audience chuckle along…

Vote Olly people!

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With the last of the audition songs we have Joe. He’s performing Dance With My Father and I’m really going to try and not call him wet. You know my opinion guys and although Joe is far more musical theatre than the other contestants, I’m holding judgement tonight to see how he fairs… Promise.

He loved returning home with Chezza, talk about mobbed!

Mmm… His vocal is bob on, but I think after Stacey and Olly’s performance the song choice is wrong. I have to be honest, it’s a bit of a downer… He gives it his all and it’s pretty much faultless – Sack the stylist though, his outfit looks like a school uniform.

Louis says he’s got better and better as the show has gone on and he’s got it all. Dannii thinks he’s adorable, "it’s been incredible to see you through the whole competition. You never let us down."

Simon agrees with Louis, "You are a great example of someone who is talented but is still such a nice person. I so want you to be a in the final!"

Cheryl is welling up, "That was an amazing performance. You are a credit to your family, they are some of the nicest people I have ever met… I want you to be in the final."

So who do you think gave the best audition performance?

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Time for the duets and I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to these…

Stacey kicks things off with Feeling Good and as Michael Buble joins her for the second verse the crowd erupt. I think Stacey’s more excited than all the audience combined! Doesn’t she look stunning? …and she’s really got that sexy thing down. Then again, in that dress who wouldn’t?

Michael thinks that Stacey has what it takes to go all the way and asks the crowd if they could tell how much fun they had during their performance. I have three words, have a shave.

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This is the big one for me…
Olly and Robbie Williams singing Angels, what a track. I mean talk about stealing the show… Hang on, Robbie looks very nervous and it’s like Olly is supporting him. He fluffs the words at the start of his verse and Olly helps him get the right place. I know I should be saying this about Olly, but Robbie pulls it back by the end.

As the boys finish Robbie screams, "COME ON OLLY! COME ON OLLY!"

Robster gushes, "I am a massive fan of Olly, I love his voice and I love his character. He’s like a quiet storm and so calm… I should be taking tips from him!"

Can you actually believe they’ve managed to get George Michael to sing Don’t Let The Sun go Down On Me with Joe? I think it won’t sink in until I see him.

Here he comes! God he’s smooth isn’t he?
What a voice, go on George!
(Sorry, Joe is good too…)

I’m just a bit shocked as the last time I saw George Michael he was grey haired and covered in stubble after a heavy night out, he looks fab!

Joe cannot believe that he has just sang with George Michael. George says that Joe has ‘rose to the occasion’ but wishes all three contestants the best. "They have to do all this and then meet people like us."

I think if Robbie hadn’t fluffed I would have liked Angels best, but my gold star for the duets has to go to Joe (I know, I’m shocked too!)

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Do you know, this was probably my favourite performance from Stacey. Who Wants To Live Forever was her greatest vocal as far as I’m concerned and I just love the song. What a fantastic choice for the final.

WOW! She tops her previous performance and is every bit the diva tonight – Killer dress too!

Louis says, "that was vocally incredible and very few people can sing Fressie Mercury so well."

Cheryl says she sounds incredible, she looks incredible and she hopes she’s in the final. Simon thinks she "smashed it!"

Dannii is so proud of her and Stacey adds that getting to the final two would mean everything. "It would be so cool!" Bless her…

Simon introduces Olly and adds, "this song was the moment when I thought Olly could be a pop star and he would always give it 100%"

Olly makes the production his own and flirts with his horde of dancers like a pro, it’s fantastic! He works the crowd and I’m just hoping Fool In Love was the track that puts him through to the final

Louis is overjoyed, "that was my favourite song of yours. You’re sexy, you’re soulful, you’re talented. I think you’ve got it all, you’ve got the X factor!"

Cheryl and Dannii are pleased to see Olly step up and improve on the last time he sang that track.

Simon is pleased as punch, "I really really hope that this isn’t the last time you sing. I’ve got to know you and your family and as a person, I’m really really proud of you. I would love to see you in the final."

Olly takes the chance to thank everyone who has voted. He adds that he can’t believe he’s in the final and will be crushed if he doesn’t make the final two. "This has just been the best night of my life!"

Do you think Olly can make it?

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Wow, Joe pulled that out of the bag.
It’s gonna be tough to call this you know…
He performed Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word and it’s both vocally sound and emotional. Great job Joe!

Louis says that Joe has ‘the voice’ and adds that out of the three contestants he deserves to be in the final two. "You are a pop star."

Simon says that Joe is "special" and he has proved what a great singer he is with that song.

Cheryl is in tears again, "if there is any justice in the world you will be in the final tomorrow. I love you Joe and if you love what Joe does, you have to pick up the phone!"

So that’s it for the solos…
Who would you like to see in the top two?

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Get voting!
I can’t believe the contestants performances are over and there’s half an hour left of the show. I know Simon has some surprises planned, but half a ruddy hour! Can you say dragging it out for votes?

Oooh, this should be interesting…
Robbie Williams is doing another exclusive performance. I think he’ll give it his all after fluffing his lines earlier.

Yes, yes, much more the old Robbie that one.
On his knees to the crowd (and they scream) and then some silly dancing thrown in to charm the masses. I still think he should tour and get his mojo back up to full though, don’t you?

Click here to leave your views…
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Here we go!
Lines are now frozen and only two acts will go through to Sunday’s show. Who do you want to make it?


Through to tomorrow are…

Olly (YES!)

We have an all male final and a guaranteed male winner.

Sadly we lose Stacey tonight.. She gave it her all but it just wasn’t enough. Stacey wants to thank everyone who voted and describes her time as "brill!" She’s got the personality and the voice, I think we’ll be seeing her again.

Olly to win!

Do you think the public chose wisely?
Click here to leave your views…
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See you back her tomorrow for the Grand Finale and some superstar surprises. It all kicks off at 7.30pm, don’t be late!

Selena x 

Selena Ledgerton
MSN Reality TV 


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X Factor shock! Someone’s out on Saturday

It looks as if there’ll be a huge surprise over this X Factor weekend. The Sun reports that one of the three remaining finalists will be voted off Saturday night’s show.

The paper says that Joe McElderry, Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon have been told that only two of them will make it to Sunday’s big finale.

The hopefuls will duet on a Christmas song with a big star name on Saturday (the line-up is reported to be: Joe/George Michael, Olly/Robbie Williams and Stacey/Michael Bublé) before the person who has polled the lowest number of public votes is eliminated.

The final two will then battle it out for the crown on Sunday. Joe McElderry is currently the bookies’ favourite to win. What do you make of this? Is it a good idea to kick someone out on Saturday? Have your say.

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X Factor’s duets: Joe and George Michael?

According to the Daily Mail and The Sun, big names are lined up for this weekend’s X Factor final. Favourite Joe McElderry, Olly Murs and Stacey Solomon will be duetting with three huge stars from the world of pop.
Joe will be paired with George Michael. Olly’s set to sing with Robbie Williams and Stacey’s with Michael Bublé.
As if that wasn’t enough, Sir Paul McCartney will also reportedly make an appearance and perform a track during the show.
Robbie Williams was the special guest mentor back in October when the X Factor theme was Musical Heroes. He showcased his comeback track Bodies but the reaction was mixed.
An X Factor insider told the Daily Mail: "Everyone has a lot of love for Robbie and it would be a fantastic conclusion to the series if he came back and did an immense performance. I have a feeling it would also lay some of his demons to rest."
If the correlation of X Factor winner/biggest guest star comes into play, Joe’s got it in the bag. In 2008, Beyoncé sang with Alexandra Burke and who can forget Kylie Minogue’s sizzling duet with 2007 winner Leon Jackson? Yep, it’s Joe’s prize to lose. Or is it? What do you think?
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The LIVE blog is running now…

As always just press F5 to refresh as we go along and I’ll be here to blog all the action and have a good old natter…
Evening guys, sorry some tech problems had us there.
But we’re here to update on all the Semi action live as it happens.
Don’t forget to leave your comments and thoughts on who you think should go through and who should be packing their bags?
Thanks for all your thoughts last night – we do read them!

So – are you excited about JANET or GAGA????
Can’t wait to see how mad Gaga is going to be – although am not sure I understand all the fuss about her but lets see – here we go!

Do you know what I think she would cause more interest and excitement if she turned up in something ordinary – not a massive bath and mirrored devil outfit.
What do you think?
Great joke from Gaga that the big bath is Simon’s. Could totally believe it. Love that the dancers are still just hanging out of the bath while she chats to Dermot. Thats acting guys. Well done – keep the pose!
OK Five minutes left to vote – lines close after the break. I really hope that Olly, Danyl and Joe go through, I’m not really sure Stacey is good enough. I really wouldn’t buy a record by her.
LINES ARE CLOSED – the finalists have been decided. Who is it going to be? I think if Stacey goes home tonight she won’t be heard of again, but if one of the boys do they have a chance of probably still doing something.
Oh look its a Janet Jackson montage – easy to forget she has been successful for so long and has a huge amount of work. Lets hope nothing goes wrong with her outfit…
Its a real early 90’s vibe isn’t it? The high-tops, baggy pants and RnB lite. Buyt thats what she is most famous for I suppose, sadly it also seems like she is miming, but then she is dancing too….
Hope she has a little chat and thanks everyone for honouring her brother!
Gosh she didn’t chat at all, interesting. I wonder why not.
Most on Twitter agree that her outfit was terrible – what do you think?

Oh God Here We Go!
Olly first one called through, looks like he is about to cry. Joe through and both Stacey and Danyl look gutted.
Who will it be? STACEY!
No way – Danyl is out? Unbelievable!
Simon says its been a pleasure to work with Danyl, who in turn says he has gone out to the best in the competition rather graciously.
He does look a bit upset of course, its a shame because I think he really had the best voice. Shame he didn’t come across that well or have as many fans as the more slightly obvious Olly or Joe or the novelty factor of Stacey.
Danyl performs Man in the Mirror again for the final time. Less Polar Bears this time though. He is very competent at this singing lark.
Well done to the rest of the guys for going through. Exciting – its the final next week… who is your money on?

All those months ago would you have imagined these three in the final? Really? I’m quite surprised, no Jamie, no Danyl, the big hitters in the early press.

And its over – the final three give each other a massive hug and then pull Dermot in for it. Thats lovely, they are genuinely happy and surprised. Sweet!
Next weekend is going to be MASSIVE!!!!

Right am so watching Xtra Factor now – what is Holly wearing?
She is talking to Danyl and he is being very sweet. 
But of course the attention has to be on the finalists – must be terrible having to leave tonight?
Love the judges questions on ITV2. Louis admits that Danyl was the best performer and should have gone through. Oh well, am sure he’ll be fine. Good luck to him.

Good night everyone – what an amazing night? Can’t wait for next week – until then…. keep leaving your comments, keep chatting. We love it!

Alice xxx
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LIVE BLOG: The Semis!

The LIVE blog is running now…

As always just press F5 to refresh as we go along and I’ll be here to blog all the action and have a good old natter…
Evening all – firstly an introduction, its Alice here from Twitter! Selena is away this evening, so you’ll have to be nice to me.
Am looking forward to blogging all the X Factor Semi Final action live and hearing your comments on the performances. Which brings me nicely to song choices! Michael Jackson this week – PLUS A song they think will take them thru to the final – and here they are:

The Way You Make Me Feel 
Somewhere – West Side Story 

She’s Out Of My Life 
Open Arms – Journey 

Man In The Mirror 
I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston 

Can You Feel It 
We Can Work It Out – Stevie Wonder version 

What do you think? I think Man in the Mirror is so big it might just take Danyl through, but Can You Feel It is PERFECT for Olly and his moves….
Leave us your comments.

Tonight I am excited by seeing Danyl and Olly and of course, what Cheryl and Dannii will be wearing!
AND I’ve just seen an advert for The Susan Boyle Story on ITV1 next week – excited by that too. I shall be watching.
Its also the FINAL next weekend – How very exciting is that?


Stacey says she is desperate to be in the final. Well I’m sure they all are. I wonder if I would buy a record by any of them? Thats the test isn’t it?

Its Time To Face The Music!

And coming onto Thriller (great choice) its the judges. And Dannii has made a mistake thinking its a Viennese Ball these evening? Lots of red silk – Its all a bit ballroom? But she looks lovely.
Ah a bit of a Michael Jackson montage. Gotta love MJ!

Simon says he’s confident of having two acts in the final. Remembering his face last week when Olly made it through though – he knows its touch and go.
So Olly is up first and lets see what he makes of this – I want FULL ON DISCO!!!!!

Oooh a bit flat and shaky to start with? But he’s gotten into his stride a bit. And I love all the little HUH’S that he does between lines. Think he should be in a full on white suit though? 
Simon stands up but of course he has to.
Louis’s failsafe comment – Everybody Loves You. 
Dannii – Yes we can all feel it in the room tonight, You have the whole package, And grabbing your package (ouch Dannii) 
Cheryl – you’re an entertainer and I hope to see you in the final
Simon – you should have been a bag of nerves but you put on a great show, sang it really well (did he?)

What did you think of Olly?

And so here is Joe with another showy slowy. He’s made for musical theatre that lad?
He’s also orange tonight with a bit of bum fluff on his top lip – whats up with that?
Anyway onto the singing – he can sing very well and seems quite confident and relaxed now.  He can hit the notes but I am a little bored.

All the judges think he should be in the final – and I am sure he will be, no danger of Joe going out. In fact am sure he’s probably going to win it!
What did you think of Joe?

And now its time for Stacey. 

Oh dear they have given her a routine! Hope it doesn’t throw her. She’s not the best mover is she?
She looks good with her hair up. Not too sure about the vocals, though, a little bit light maybe?
Oooh the chair trick was good but she looked incredibly nervous, poor lass.

Totally agree with Simon and Louis – it did put her off. And maybe it was a little cabaret but at least she did something a bit different. 
Could this be damaging for Stacey do you think? She might be vulnerable after that.
Tell me your thoughts….
Back after the break with Danyl.

Simon is Danyl’s only real supporter? Everyone else completely has it in for him. I bet they savage him in their comments, esp as Simon put the boot into Stacey.
Man in the Mirror though – could be a winner for him?
Apart from the rubbish photo backdrops he’s doing really well. He actually seemed a bit nervous at the beginning but seems to have got into it. Wow judges actually standing? He did do well.
Louis and Dannii positive about the singing, but agree about the silly pics of polar bears.
Oh and even Cheryl nice about him – wishing him good luck.
Simon says it was on the money and genuinely brilliant – rounds on the others for picking up on the polar bears.

Its PolarBear-Gate!

Here we go with Olly.  Nice and relaxed, this song suits him. Oh and bless him, he’s doing his little dance moves that look suspiciously like The Running Man.
Simon is not standing up? Hmmm, wonder if he realises that is getting a little boring.
Oooh Louis says he’s not sure about Olly getting into the final. But I do agree with Dannii it might not show off the best of Olly’s vocals.
What did you think?

And here is Joe – they love that perspex tube platform this year don’t they? Anyway, yes lovely song, sung well – well done. Still a little dull though?
Cheryl stands up and has to yank Simon up too – those two have a pact.

Oh and there it is – the killer quote – if you recorded that song tomorrow morning you would have a Number One single. Well done Louis.

And here is Stacey’s second attempt lets hope she does better than in round one. Its a classic number. And they are really making the most out of the video screen backdrop tonight aren’t they?
One or two flat notes, but the major ones are all there thankfully.  Crumbs that last one was a killer!
By the way how much like Stacey was her sister on the VT?

And its a massive number coming up from Danyl – this could be make or break for him. Nice relaxed outfit, but needs to pick up a bit those early notes are a bit unsteady?
But it is hard to sing a famous female number which is so high usually.
Simon was almost giving him evils then I think, or was he thinking about how much money he could make out of him?
Louis says he is a born entertainer and hopes people vote for him, Dannii a bit negative and Cheryl slightly non-commital.
I agree with Simon that he has had a bit of a hard time usually in judging.
I think he did really really well! Well done Danyl and well done everyone – a big night all round.

OK thats it – phone lines are open, who will you be voting for? Exciting. I think Olly might be out, but I hope its Stacey – an all male final?
Selena will be back tomorrow for the results show, where we shall all be going Lady Gaga for Janet Jackson.
I (Alice) will be back on Twitter (@MSNRealityTV) so we’ve got it covered.
Who is going to be in the final!?

Lets find out tomorrow…. GOOD NIGHT! Love Alice x

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